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Dongguan Gesheng Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd was established in May,2017. The company is headquartered in shenzhen, China,  and has 2 manufacturing bases in Shenzhen Gesheng electroacoustic Co., Ltd and Dongguan Gesheng Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd .

Kere gathers a large number of sound elite including one professor and a dozen of senior engineers who have rich experience in renowned earphone companies. Our R&D team has 20 years earphone researching and designing experience. Creating innovative and high-performance superior earphones, headphones and special the true wireless audio products with designing, production and marketing. It has approximately 230 employees, 6 production lines, With annual production of over 10 million Dollars mainly producing headphone, Sports ear phone and TWS earphone OEM , Operating and building an excellent reputation with our customers in more than 57 countries throughout the Americas, Asia, Europe, Oceania, and the Middle East.

Driven by our company culture-Honestly, Harmony, Innovation, we will continue to develop more human centered wireless audio devices specializing in unique sound with high quality and attractive sophisticated design, and with a complete process of manufacturing earphone technology. We make the perfect original sound reappear in your ears ,Target on becoming leading unique manufacturer in southern China, make unremitting efforts to the clear career !

Why Choose Dongguan Gesheng Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd/Shenzhen Gesheng electroacoustic Co., Ltd

Brand: we have the brand of zips /KEREFI sounds of nature earphone

We are an enterprise integrating R & D, production, processing and sales. The company has experienced scientific research team, excellent production equipment, strict quality control system and complete business philosophy.

Genuine: true wireless Bluetooth headset

Get rid of the shackles of wire, truly realize unrestrained, open a new way of audio transmission, true wireless Bluetooth headset era, the revolution of intelligent terminal.

Quality: unique music quality headphones

With the unique music quality, you can enjoy the high-quality headphone experience and the wonderful sound quality, which will liberate your ears.

Small light: the light weight of a small earphone

The light weight of the small earphone is very light. The whole body of the earphone is in the shape of a water drop. It gives people a clean visual sense. It will not feel painful and oppressive for a long time. It is safe and comfortable.

Shenzhen Factory for earphone/headphone production.

Covering  8,000 ㎡ ;   

Production capacity:   more than 120,000pcs/month.

Turnover: USD10 million

DongGuan Factory for earphone/headphone/Speaker production.

Covering  6,000 ㎡ ;   

Production capacity:   more than 60,000pcs/month. and 400,000pcs / month

Turnover: USD10 million

Certificate:  ISO9001/ISO14001; 

Factory Plan:

Plan to build a new industry park for high-end audio products in 2021. Which will be certificated SA8000.

Our Spirit:

Honesty— Honestly is the basis of business. To be a trusty enterprise to the customers, employees, suppliers and the society, is our goal never be abandoned!

Harmony—Building a harmonious environment inside of our company, keeping in harmony with the society and the nature, we’ll realize sustainable development!

Innovation—Improve the quality of our products and ability of management through Technical Innovation , make sustainable development with our country!

Our Culture:

Vision — To do billion of earphone, To be a century firm

Mission — Satisfaction for customers, Happiness for employees

Values — Hardworking , Teamwork, Keep better Quality first

Admonition — Diligence, Thinking, Action


To be a leading OEM and ODM supplier of headphone industry. 

We commit total service to our customers including stylish hardware and software design, professional manufacturing, and reliable quality assurance with continuously improvement system.

Management Team:


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