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Our Advantages:

Kere Sound gathers a large number of industry elite including one professor and a dozen of senior engineers who have rich experience in renowned earphone companies. Chief engineer Dr. Yi has 20 years earphone researching and designing experience.  

Our strength: 

Great Communication Ability to better understanding of client`s needs

Experienced Project Management to finalize client`s need and control project schedule according to client`s requirement. 

Strict quality control: full testing equipment with stricter internal AQL standard  to control the quality before final inspection be clients. 

Quality Management



Test Facility


Variety of product appearance paten and products utility model patents


“Win – 6” Stakeholders


Warranty Statement & Policy

All our products are manufactured by Kere and are warranted to be free from defects in components and factory workmanship under normal use and service for a period of one(1) year from the date of first delivery date from our factory. 

When failing to perform as specified during the warranty period we will undertake to repair, or at our option, replace this product at no charge to its owner, provided the unit is returned undamaged and shipping prepaid.

This warranty shall be null and avoid, if the product is subjected to: Repair work or alteration by a person other than those authorized by us; mechanical damage including shipping accidents; war, civil insurrection, misuse, abuse, operation with incorrect AC voltage, incorrect connections, wrong accessories, incorrect use of accessories, operation with faulty associated equipment, exposure to inclement weather conditions and normal wear and tear. Units, on which the serial number has been removed or defaced, will not be eligible for warranty service. 

Management Philosophy

Adhere to people oriented policy

Quality Policy

All activities for customers.

Quality Policy Statement

Customer First and Quality Foremost,

Thoroughly implement three doctrine,

To abide by laws, regulations, and contribute to region and society,

For sustainable development, company boosts talent self-training and full participation activities.

6C Policy

Full participation and Self continuous improvement

(Clear out)      (Configure)        (Clean)     (Check)     (Conformity)     (Custom &Practice)

8S Policy

Seiri    Seiton   Seiso   Seiketsu   Shitsuke  Safety  Speed  Saving

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