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What is the frequency response range of headphones?

The frequency response range refers to the band width that the earphone can send out. The frequency response width of excellent earphone can reach 5hz-40000 Hz, while the hearing range of human ear is only 20hz-20000hz. It should be noted that the criteria for defining the frequency response width are different, for example, 12 below the average output amplitude or less than 14 as the standard, which is obviously different. In general, the frequency response width is measured by 12 as the standard of output amplitude reduction, that is to say - 3dB is the standard. However, due to the different test standards, some products are measured with - 10dB. This is actually equal to 116 below the normal value for the standard measurement. Therefore, the frequency response width is greatly broadened. Users should pay attention to the frequency response width of different brands of earphones, and there may be different test standards.




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